• Book Name: Understanding Digital Marketing 3rd edition by Damian Ryan
  • Author: Damian Ryan
  • Pages: 433
  • Size: 5 MB

Understanding Digital Marketing by Damian Ryan PDF

understanding digital marketing by damian ryan pdf

Contents of Understanding Digital Marketing by Damian Ryan PDF

  1. .. you want to go digital???
  2. @first… think!
  3. Then build your channel
  4. Is it working?
  5. Are customers finding you?
  6. Understanding social media
  7. Understanding e-mail marketing
  8. Understanding mobile marketing
  9. Understanding performance marketing
  10. Understanding online public relations
  11. Understanding content marketing
  12. Convincing your boss to invest in digital marketing
  13. What’s next?

Preface of Understanding Digital Marketing by Damian Ryan PDF

If you are reading this… You already know the world of digital media is changing at a phenomenal pace. Its constantly evolving technologies, and the way people are using them, is transforming not just how you access your information, but how you interact and communicate with your friends and colleagues on a global scale. It has also changed the way you choose and buy products and services. People are embracing digital technology to communicate in ways that would have been inconceivable just a few short years ago. No longer the preserve of tech-savvy early adopters, today ordinary people are integrating digital technologies seamlessly into their everyday lives. From SMS updates on their favourite sports teams, to a free video call with relatives on the other side of the globe, to collaborative online gaming and much, much more: ordinary people – your customers – are starting to use digital media without giving it a second thought.

The global online population was around 2.1 billion at the end of March 2011 (Internet World Stats). By mid 2012 the figure had already climbed to almost 2.5 billion people online or just over one-third of the 7 billion people on the planet being connected to the net. There is no doubt this figure is set to double in the years ahead – this means 5 billion of the 7 billion people in the world will be online in one manner or another: the question is no longer ‘if’ – it’s about ‘when’. The answer to ‘when’ is hotly debated by a lot of researchers, but if I take an average view it looks like 2018. However, it’s how we consume data, and the sheer volume of this data created by the soaring online population and the move towards more portable access, that change the game out of all recognition.

More video, more rich media, faster and faster access by more people in more parts of the world change the fabric of business and mean that digital marketing – and mastering the art thereof – is now a prequisite of any enterprise or individual planning to compete in the years ahead. Zettabytes? Because of this massive volume of data we need to invent new words and definitions to describe and rationalize the type of world ahead. A zettabyte is a number with 21 zeroes – equivalent to a trillion gigabytes and the similar level of data to 1 billion DVDs downloaded every day for a year!

According to Cisco, the global consumption of data by 2017 will be three times the level (measured in zettabytes) of December 2013, as I am writing this. So hang on! What makes this digital revolution so exciting is that it’s happening right now. We’re living through it, and you have a unique opportunity to jump in and be part of this historical transition. In the pages that follow I’ll take you on a journey into the world of digital marketing. I’ll show you how it all started, how it got to where it is today, and where thought leaders in the industry believe it’s heading in the future. Most importantly of all, I’ll show you – in a practical, no-nonsense way – how you can harness the burgeoning power of digital media to drive your business to the crest of this digital marketing wave, and how to keep it there. This book will:

● help you and your business to choose online advertising and marketing channels that will get your ideas, products and services to a massive and ever-expanding market;

● give you that elusive competitive edge that will keep you ahead of the pack;

● future-proof your business by helping you to understand the origins of digital marketing and the trends that are shaping its future;

● give you a concept of the scale of the online marketplace, the unfolding opportunities and the digital service providers who will help your business to capitalize on them;

● provide practical, real-world examples of digital marketing successes – including leading brands that have become household names in a relatively short space of time;

● offer insight through interviews, analysis and contributions from digital marketing experts;

● … ultimately, give you the tools you need to harness the power of the internet in order to take your business wherever you want it to go. I’ll also help you to convince your colleagues and shareholders why they should invest in digital marketing too.

Understanding digital marketing by damian ryan pdf.


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