• Book Name: The Architecture of Light 2nd Edition by Sage Russell
  • Author: Sage Russell
  • Pages: 350
  • Size: 8 MB
the architecture of light pdf free download

The Architecture of Light Pdf Free Download

Light is truly a designer’s medium. It is among the most powerful tools we have to affect change in how we perceive and experience the environment around us. Light belongs as a controllable tool of space design, just as form, scale, and material do. Light translates vision and it is vision that gives us a substantial portion of our experiences.

This book delivers a unique training that makes designing with light an intuitive visual process that can deliver a whole new appreciation for the capabilities of architecture and design. Here, one will find a procedure for developing design ideas and the visual tools for translating those ideas. A designer armed with this type of understanding will be inspired and wellequipped to enrich the designed environment through the creative application of lighting design.

This knowledge is for architects, landscape architects, interior designers, planners and lighting designers aspiring to develop intuition and confidence in designing with light. It is these people who are responsible for bringing organization and emotional experience to the environments we interact with every day. The concepts and processes put forth in this book are intended to be immediately useful to any designer who wants to include light as an ally in design.

The Architecture of Light Pdf Free Download

My goal in assembling this book is to provide information to the people who are poised to make the most of it. Often times, those who have the best chance of applying designed light to maximum effect are deprived of the necessary knowledge. Consequently, lighting decisions often fall by the wayside, and powerful design opportunities are missed.

Regardless of the reader’s current familiarity with lighting design, this book will provide a more meaningful understanding of the role of light in the designed environment. Within these pages, one will find creative procedures and graphic techniques for generating and communicating lighting design concepts. The resulting intuition and tool set will help the reader make lighting design decisions with confidence and joy. My intention is not to create technical “lighting-super-experts”, but rather to provide creative confidence and a working familiarity of the power and effect of light that will prove useful with any amount of supporting technical knowledge.

I hope to empower those with the opportunity to design with light to go forward with confidence, lay claim to light as a design tool, and use it to add impact and meaning to their design.

The architecture of light pdf free download.


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