• Book Name: Speed Reading For Dummies by Richard Sutz
  • Author: Richard Sutz
  • Pages: 291
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speed reading for dummies pdf free download

Speed Reading for Dummies Pdf Free Download

No matter how quickly or slowly you read now, you can read much more rapidly by adopting the speed-reading techniques described in this book. You can also comprehend, retain, and recall what you read much more successfully. You can become an efficient and effective reader, one who reads with confidence and greater understanding. You can read more in the time you devote to reading and get more from the articles and books you read.

This book represents all that I know and have discovered about speed reading during my 40 years as a speed-reading instructor and developer of speed-reading software. I have had the great pleasure of seeing my students’ reading speeds and comprehension improve dramatically, and I have also seen them derive greater pleasure from reading. These goals — increasing your reading speed and your pleasure from reading — are what this book is all about.

About This Book

The science (some would say art) of speed reading is about 100 years old. Consequently, theories abound as to what makes a good speed reader and how to become a speed reader. This book takes a very basic approach to the subject — I believe speed reading is efficient reading. You don’t have to be a wizard or master arcane techniques to be a speed reader. All you have to do is understand the mechanics of reading and then apply yourself more efficiently to exercising those mechanics when you read. This book shows you how to do that.

Speed Reading For Dummies is for people who have little or no background in speed reading, as well as for experienced speed readers who want to hone their speed-reading skills. It offers many strategies, tips, and tricks to improve your reading speed and includes numerous exercises to give you hands-on practice in speed-reading techniques. It also explains the how and why of speed-reading mechanics so that you understand not just what to do when you speed read but also why you do it.

Speed Reading for Dummies Pdf Free Download

A note about the exercises: If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Everyone grasps new material at a different rate — don’t get discouraged if you don’t do as well as you expect the first time out of the gate. You can apply these exercises to just about any reading material to get additional practice; as I mention elsewhere in this book, newspapers are perfect for speed-reading practice, so consider starting there.

You don’t have to read this book from start to finish — unless you want to, of course. I wrote and organized Speed Reading For Dummies so that you can start reading it anywhere you want. Consult the table of contents or “How This Book Is Organized” later in this introduction to find the speed-reading topic that interests you.

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