• Book Name: Solar and Heat Pump Systems for Residential Buildings
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solar and heat pump systems for residential buildings pdf free download

Solar and Heat Pump Systems for Residential Buildings

The steady growth of solar thermal systems for more than three decades has shown that solar heating systems are both mature and technically reliable. However, solar thermal systems have usually been sold as an add-on to a conventional hot water or space heating system. In future, we need to develop hybrid systems that offer a complete heating system based on renewables, one that is able to cover 100% of the heating demand of buildings. One very promising possibility is the combination of solar systems and heat pumps. This book shows different ways in which these two technologies can be combined, and it presents the path to high-performance hybrid systems.

The book is the result of a collaborative international work within the Solar Heating and Cooling Programme and the Heat Pump Programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA). It is a great pleasure for me, as a former chairman of the IEA SHC Executive Committee, to introduce this book. The international work has led to some interesting findings on solar and heat pump combinations based on monitored data and the use of simulation.

Solar and Heat Pump Systems for Residential Buildings

The book presents all these findings and the methodologies needed to assess the energy performance of such combinations. It is an important contribution to the body of scientific knowledge on renewable heat that the IEA has been supporting for over 40 years. I am sure that the reader will find new knowledge and inspiring ideas for future-oriented hybrid heating systems based on renewables.

Achieving high-performance or net-zero-energy buildings in terms of energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requires the utilization of energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy technologies. The combination of heat pumps and solar energy is a very promising solution for achieving this goal. This technology is what the participants of Annex 38 and Task 44 of the IEA Heat Pump Programme and the Solar Heating and Cooling Implementing Agreements, respectively, have together been exploring. The study results are presented in this book, which is a valuable reference and a significant contribution to HVAC renewable energy systems applications.

Solar and heat pump systems for residential buildings pdf free download.


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