• Book Name: Small Electric Motors By Helmut Moczala and Jiirgen Draeger
  • Author: Helmut Moczala and Jiirgen Draeger
  • Pages: 309
  • Size: 12 MB
small electric motors pdf free download

Small Electric Motors Pdf Free Download

Small electric motors are installed as drive elements in many types of consumer equipment and also in the industrial sector, and increasingly find application in almost all branches of industry for manufacture. Their purpose is to reduce manual labour and increase comfort, as well as enabling rationalisation in industry. Their maximum output power is regarded in most instances as being around l kW. In this power range the small motor manufacturer offers a wide variety of special motors to meet the requirements of many different driven devices. Technical knowledge of small motors is extensive. It has led to high quality small drives and also to a large number of different kinds of motor.

This makes it impossible in my view to produce in one volume an account that has any claim of being complete. If the material is reduced to its essential minimum, however, a selection should be possible such that the widest possible area of interest may be addressed. The number of small motor specifiers is large, and it is principally for these people that the book has been written. For those specialists whose concern is the development, manufacture or marketing of small motors, a comprehensive overview is provided here, stretching beyond the confines of their individual specifications.

Small Electric Motors Pdf Free Download

Through numerous well attended series of lectures on small electrical machines at the Technical Academy Esslingen a lively interest was established, not least because the lectures were aimed at a large number of motor specifiers and users. The experience and stimulation derived from those lectures contributed significantly to the production of this book.

It is well recognised that much effort is being put into the development of new types of drive elements which may be listed under the general heading of ‘actuators’. Actuators operate in accordance with various physical or chemical principles but are still very much in the development phase. Therefore, this book is restricted to a study of small electrical machines that work on electro-dynamic principles and are generally mass-produced. The various function principles of small motors, summarised in Fig. 1.9, form the basis for the division of material for study: Chapters 2-5 discuss rotating field machines, and 6 and 7 commutator machines. Present developments, in particular the increasing involvement of electronics, are treated in the Chapters on electronic components, brushless DC motors and stepper motors.

In this book the relationship between the motor and its driven load is kept constantly in view. The final two Chapters are concerned with measurements and noise problems. The depth of treatment, which is limited by space restrictions, has been gauged to suit the requirements of the specifier user. Sufficient information is given about physical principles with mathematical support to enable the selection of the appropriate motor for the application, taking into account the demands of the driven devices, reliability, safety and at the same time the cost-effectiveness of the choice. The individual Chapters of the book have been written independently by specialists. Although indispensible standards were laid down, the differing styles of the authors are quite clearly recognised. The resultant nonuniformity seems to me to be a small price to pay for the advantage of having up to date material from the best informed sources.

This book is the second edition. Although the original is only five years old, rapid technical change has made necessary the revision, extension and sometimes complete replacement of many of the sections. Finally, I should like to thank my co-authors for their constructive cooperation. In spite of the demands of their professional employment they were always prepared to contribute to the lectures at the Technical Academy Esslingen, to keep their subjects up to date and to produce their sections for the book.

Small electric motors pdf free download.


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