• Book Name: Secret Millionaires Club 26 Secrets to Success in the Business of Life by A Heyward
  • Author: A Heyward
  • Pages: 126
  • Size: 8 MB

Secret Millionaires Club by A Heyward PDF

secret millionaires club by a heyward pdf

Preface of Secret Millionaires Club by A Heyward PDF

Hi kids! My name is WARREN BUFFETT, a local investor around these parts. I want to tell you about a very a special club where four 14-year-olds and a robot help other kids—and adults—answer questions and solve problems about money and business, as well as offering some really good advice that will serve you for a lifetime! The club is extra special, not only because we help solve money problems for people all over the world, but also because it’s a secret. And that’s why we call it Secret Millionaires Club!

Besides me, the club members are: RADLEY HEMMING, an AfricanAmerican computer whiz; STARTY, a very cool robot that Radley built; ELENA RAMIREZ, a warmhearted teenager who dreams of working for the United Nations; JONES a freewheeling sports-guy who goes everywhere on his skateboard; and LISA, a Chinese exchange student who wants to be a fashion designer. The kids might all have different dreams, but everyone in Secret Millionaires Club has one thing in common: an interest in learning about business and how it can teach valuable lessons that they can use as they embark on life’s amazing journey.

Our meetings are held in a cool underground, high-tech conference room where we maintain our website, connect to the world, and stream the latest social networks on a giant video screen. Speaking of video screen, we also have “D.E.B.”, which stands for DEMAND EDUCATIONAL BASE—an online anthropomorphic encyclopedia that gives us access to all the knowledge that is out there by way of our laptops, digital tablets, smartphones, and other devices. You might be wondering, how did Secret Millionaires Club form and what was the very first secret the kids learned? Well, I’m glad you asked. . .

Secret millionaires club by a heyward pdf.


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