• Book Name: Reinforced Concrete Structures Analysis and Design (2nd Edition) by David A Fanella
  • Author: David A Fanella
  • Pages: 906
  • Size: 34 MB
reinforced concrete structures pdf free download

Reinforced Concrete Structures PDF Free Download

The second edition of this publication is based on the provisions of the 2015 edition of the International Building CodeĀ®. That document references ACI 318-14, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary, for the design of reinforced concrete structures. A major structural reorganization occurred in going from the 2011 edition to the 2014 edition of ACI 318, the first such reorganization since 1971. In short, requirements in ACI 318-14 are organized mainly by member type (one-way slabs, beams, two-way slabs, columns, etc.), which is a major change of how the document was organized in earlier editions.

It was initially anticipated that the number of technical changes to ACI 318-14 would be kept to a minimum because of the effort that would be needed in the reorganization of the document. However, it did not end up that way, and some major revisions were made to the provisions themselves. In the second edition of this text, all referenced provisions have been updated to the new chapter and section numbers in ACI 318-14 and all modifications and additions to the provisions have been addressed as well. The first edition of this text was organized essentially the same as ACI 318-14 is organized now, so readers familiar with the first edition will see that the structure of the second edition remains fundamentally the same. Additional content, examples, problems, and design aids, including more flowcharts that guide the reader through the provisions, have been included in this edition to enhance the overall learning experience. In particular, content has been added to the first part of Chap. 6, which covers beams and one-way slabs.

Reinforced Concrete Structures PDF Free Download

A review of the mechanics and behavior of reinforced concrete beams is provided as an externally applied load is gradually increased from zero to a magnitude that will cause failure. Examples illustrate the mechanics of an elastic, uncracked section through the nominal flexural strength of the section. The most significant change to the second edition has been the addition of Chap. 11, which is a new chapter that covers the earthquake design provisions in Chap. 18 of ACI 318-14. All of the provisions in this chapter are covered in detail, and numerous tables, figures, design aids, flowcharts, and completely worked-out examples are provided that help illustrate the code requirements for design and detailing the structural members of intermediate moment frames, special moment frames, special structural walls (including coupling beams and wall piers), diaphragms, foundations, and members not designated as part of the seismic-force-resisting system.

Another significant change to this edition has been the introduction of SI units. Equations from the 2015 IBC and ACI 318-14 in SI units have been included immediately after the equations in inch-pound units where applicable. The figures, tables, and flowcharts throughout the text also include quantities and equations in SI units, and numerous worked-out examples and problems in SI units have been included as well. Like the first edition, this book is geared to both undergraduate and graduate students. The content in Chaps. 1 through 10 can be covered in two semester courses, the first a fundamental course for undergraduate students and the second course for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. The material in Chap. 11 can be accommodated in a semester course for advanced undergraduate students and graduate students as well. Practicing engineers who need to become familiar with the new structure of ACI 318-14 along with the current design and detailing requirements will also find this book to be very useful.

Reinforced concrete structures pdf free download.


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