• Book Name: Reinforced Concrete Design by w. H. Mosley and J. H. Bungey
  • Author: w. H. Mosley and J. H. Bungey
  • Pages: 313
  • Size: 15 MB
reinforced concrete design pdf download

Reinforced Concrete Design PDF Download

The primary objective of Reinforced Concrete Design, eighth edition, remains the same as that of the previous editions: to provide a basic understanding of the strength and behavior of reinforced concrete members and simple reinforced concrete structural systems. With relevant reinforced concrete research and literature continuing to become available at a rapid rate, it is the intent of this book to translate this vast amount of information and data into an integrated source that reflects the latest information available. It is not intended to be a comprehensive theoretical treatise of the subject, because it is believed that such a document could easily obscure the fundamentals emphasized in engineering technology and applied engineering programs.

In addition, it is believed that adequate comprehensive books on reinforced concrete design do exist for those who seek the theoretical background, the research studies, and more rigorous applications. This eighth edition has been prepared with the primary objective of updating its contents to conform to the latest Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-11) of the American Concrete Institute. Because the ACI Code serves as the design standard in the United States, it is strongly recommended that the code be used as a companion publication to this book. In addition to the necessary changes to conform to the new code, some sections have been edited and a new student design project problem has been added and several drawings updated. Answers to selected problems are furnished at the back of the text.

Reinforced Concrete Design PDF Download

Throughout the eight editions, the text content has remained primarily a fundamental, non-calculus, and practice-oriented approach to the design and analysis of reinforced concrete structural members using numerous examples and a step-by-step solution format. In addition, there are chapters that provide a conceptual approach on such topics as prestressed concrete and detailing of reinforced concrete structures. The metric system (SI) is introduced in Appendix C with several example problems.

Form design is an important consideration in most structural design problems involving concrete members, and Chapter 12 illustrates procedures for the design of jobbuilt forms for slabs, beams, and columns. Appropriate tables are included that will expedite the design process. In Chapter  14, we introduce practical considerations and rules of thumb for the design of reinforced concrete beams, girders, columns and one way slabs, and methods for strengthening existing reinforced concrete structures.

Reinforced concrete design pdf download.


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