• Book Name: Protective Relaying Principles and Applications 4th Edition By J Lewis Blackburn and Thomas J Dom
  • Author: J Lewis Blackburn and Thomas J Dom
  • Pages: 639
  • Size: 5 MB
protective relaying principles and applications pdf free download

Protective Relaying Principles and Applications Pdf

The third edition of Protective Relaying incorporates information on new developments and topics in protective relaying that has emerged since the second edition was published. This time span represents a dynamic period that involved significant technological advances and revolutionary structural changes within the electric power industry. The format of this book remains similar to the previous editions and retains the full scope of fundamentals of protection that have been presented by Lewis Blackburn in a most elegant and understandable manner. I have taken on the task of updating and expanding Blackburn’s work with humility and honor.

From a technical standpoint, significant advances in the development and application of digital processing devices in power system protection and control continue. A considerable amount of new material is presented on this subject along with the benefits and problems associated with applying such microprocessor-based devices in protection schemes. Over recent years, structural changes within the electric utility industry have changed the manner in which segments of power systems are owned and networks are developed.

The impacts of these changes with respect to the system protection function are discussed in this edition. In addition, structural and regulatory changes have promoted the installation of generators with a wide range of sizes at locations that are distributed throughout power transmission and distribution systems. A discussion of protection requirements at the interconnection location for such distributed generation has been added to the text.

New material is also presented on the application of protective systems and limiters in generator excitation systems. Other areas that have been added or significantly expanded include capacitor bank protection, underfrequency load-shedding scheme designs and performance, voltage collapse and mitigation, special protection schemes, fault and event recording, fault location techniques, and the latest advances in transformer protection. All existing material in the text has been reviewed and updated as appropriate.

Protective Relaying Principles and Applications Pdf Free Download

An addition that I hope will be rewarding to the reader is the inclusion of my personal insights on the practical application and performance aspects of power system protection and operations. These perspectives have been gained during my career, spanning over 40 years, as a protection engineer at a midsized electric utility and as a consultant to various electric power entities throughout the world. Through this experience, I believe that I have gained a peek into, and an appreciation of, many of the significant issues that confront and challenge engineers attempting to develop a background and intuition in power system protection. The insights presented are personal and practical, more than theoretical, and are intended to add a real-life perspective to the text. It is hoped that this material will help put various protection practices into a clearer perspective and provide useful information to improve the effectiveness of engineers working in the highly challenging and rewarding field of protective relaying.

Protective relaying principles and applications pdf free download.


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