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Mental Math Tricks Pdf Free Download

I want to begin by telling you a story. This is a story that I am pretty embarrassed to share. Yet it is one you need to hear because it will reveal how you too can do math in your head.

You see I wasn’t always good with numbers, and I certainly wasn’t smart growing up. In fact far from it – I HATED math. One beautiful morning, I was in the backseat of my cousin’s motorcycle enjoying the cool breeze hitting my face.

My summer was coming to an end, and my cousin was dropping me at the railway station. I was returning home after enjoying the monsoon rains. Life was good until it decided to punch in the face. This was a critical day of my life. In another 30 minutes, the results of my exam were going to be out. This was important because how much I scored in this exam determined whether or not I went to college.

In school, I wasn’t very serious about my grades. My entire time was either spent playing video games or talking to my high school girlfriend on the phone. I had no real goal or purpose. If you had asked me what I wanted to become, I would have told you, “I am still figuring that out”. I was just an average guy going with the flow.

Mental Math Tricks Pdf Free Download

I was happy with just getting by and thought I would just make my way into college without really trying. However, life was about to give me a wakeup call. My cousin and I reached the station, and we were waiting for the train. He was one of the few people who had a smartphone back then. While we waited for the train, my cousin offered to check how much I scored on his iPhone. He punched in my details and waited for the result to load. Seconds seemed like ages. His excited face was replaced with a look of sympathy.

The look on his face only told me that I didn’t even get the bare minimum required to get into college. I grabbed his phone and saw how much I scored. My face turned pale. I got the worst scores possible in math. It would take a miracle for me to go to college. I later learnt that all my friends did well. My girlfriend did so well that she was going to study medicine. She broke up with me soon after. In my own eyes, everyone around me seemed a lot smarter than me. I started loathing myself. I lost all self-esteem. Needless to say this was one of the lowest points of my life. I had hit rock bottom, and I didn’t know if I even had a future. I would spend the next few months in depression crying about everything that went wrong in my life.

My parents were anxious. However, word got around, and one of my father’s friends offered to give me a recommendation. Life gave me another chance, and I somehow went to college.

But this wasn’t enough to restore my lost self-esteem. Everyone I knew, got better grades than me. To my young mind, grades were a measure of intelligence. By that measure, I saw myself as having one of the lowest IQs in the world.

The late president of my country once said, “Dreams are not what you have when you sleep. The true dreams are the ones that don’t let you sleep.” Becoming the smartest possible version of myself became an obsession that wouldn’t let me sleep. I had to become incredibly intelligent, to restore my lost self-esteem. This made me want to learn everything I possibly could that would push the boundaries of my intelligence.

I decided to start this journey from a place I hated the most – MATH. It made a lot of sense to me back then to start here because my lack of love for it almost cost me my future. So the first thing I did was learn how to do math in my head.

I read every possible book there was. Tracked down every article and video published on the subject and absorbed it. I combined what I learnt from different places to create my unique system that would let anybody do mental math lightning fast.

The techniques can be learnt in a few minutes. When I first discovered it, it started to change the way I thought.

Since calculations were done in the head, I acquired better memory habits. My concentration and my ability to think improved. But most importantly, learning how to do mental math pushed the boundaries of what I thought was possible. If I could now do math faster in my head after having hated it for a good part of my life, then I could do anything.

Mental math tricks pdf free download.

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