• Book Name: Master Basic Plumbing and Central Heating – Your Step by Step Guide to home Plumbing by Roy Treloar
  • Author: Roy Treloar
  • Pages: 298
  • Size: 13 MB
master basic plumbing and central heating pdf free download

Master Basic Plumbing and Central Heating Pdf Free

This book has been written with the domestic homeowner in mind. It identifies the plumbing systems in your home and explains how to undertake some basic plumbing work yourself. You might be considering the replacement of extensive pipework, or perhaps you’d just like to know what to do in an emergency. In any case this book will give you insight into the activities that a plumber might undertake should they be called upon, and it provides you with clues about what they might need to do and why. It will also provide you with key questions to ask when seeking the services of a plumber.

Chapters 1 to 3 describe the plumbing of a typical home. Chapter 1 describes the cold water supply: how it enters the building from the street outside, travels through your house and eventually drains from your property. Chapter 2 describes the hot water supply and Chapter 3 shows you how the heating works. As the book takes you around your home, it identifies the main variations of plumbing systems found, and shows you specific things to look out for in the design, thus helping you to avoid the pitfalls and ensure a trouble-free existence for your system.

Chapters 4 and 5 explain how to tackle simple repairs and find out what action to take in an emergency. You will discover how to deal with a collection of problems, from dripping taps and overflowing cisterns to blocked sinks and toilets. Further chapters go on to discuss plumbing practice: identifying materials used, jointing methods and specialist plumbing tools. This will help you understand how to complete some of the work yourself. Larger plumbing and maintenance works that you might consider are also discussed, designed to ensure that you will be able to avoid an emergency call-out from a plumber. When faced with the prospect of doing some plumbing for the first time, you may fear that tackling the work yourself will end with water pouring through the ceiling. This does not need to be the case. Plumbing activities generally follow simple basic principles that most people can follow. Unfortunately, plumbing jargon can put some people off before they start, so if you’re faced with an unfamiliar term, check the glossary at the back of this book, which might shed light on the problem you are trying to solve, making it all seem much clearer. The book is limited in terms of what it can cover in depth, so it must be understood that you should not attempt any work that might put you at risk, for example when working with the electrical supply to a particular component, such as the pump or immersion heater.

Master Basic Plumbing and Central Heating Pdf Free Download

Chapters 5 and 8 do cover pumps and heaters, but several fundamental aspects of electrical safety are beyond the scope of this book and they must be understood before you work on electrical supply systems because otherwise you could put yourself or others at risk of electrocution. The book discusses aspects of gas installation but, again, if you don’t absolutely know what you are doing, it could prove fatal. Basically, if you are not fully competent, you should leave well alone; if in doubt, call in an expert! Some of the work you decide to have done or do yourself may be subject to legislation, such as the current Building or Water Regulations. When you call in a plumber, you assume that they are competent and will work in compliance with these laws; unfortunately this is not always the case. You are generally none the wiser and possibly don’t really care, just being happy to see the job done, but I must point out that approval may be required if you’re considering works involving new additions to your home.

I recommend that you read Appendix 1 relating to work affected by legislation. This book aims to help you find the courage to tackle some of the smaller jobs yourself, and you might surprise yourself and gain enough confidence to tackle much bigger tasks in the fullness of time. With the escalating cost of calling in a plumber these days, you should get your money back on the first successfully completed activity. I hope this book brings you some happy plumbing results.

Master basic plumbing and central heating pdf free download.


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