• Book Name: How To Be Invisible PDF – 3rd Edition
  • Author: J. J. Luna
  • Pages: 208
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how to be invisible pdf free download

How To Be Invisible Pdf Free Download


This book is about how to keep your private life private. It is not about avoiding taxes or about protecting your assets from creditors, although the latter may be an added benefit. Nor is it a call to disobey the law. I consider myself a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen of the world. True, I may not be accurate when called upon to give my home address, and I do confess that I am allergic to certain kinds of permits. You, then, make your own decision. (Although I’ve made privacy my business for more than fifty years, I am not a lawyer. So never take any questionable measure without the advice and counsel of a trained legal professional.)

For example, you may wish to operate a legitimate but anonymous business from your home. This means you may have to ignore the requirements for a business license and also the resale tax permit (assuming you live in a sales-tax state). The city will lose a small fee when you don’t pay for a license. On the other hand, the state will gain when you pay sales taxes for supplies that might otherwise be exempt. Other small pluses and minuses will enter in. Depending upon the community, there may or may not be any penalty if you are caught, other than catching up on some payment you failed to make. So then, please note:

If I mention any procedure, which I suspect might be construed as illegal in some states or provinces, I will warn you of that fact beforehand. My responsibility is to explain the options. Your responsibility is to make your own decisions.



Malcolm Gladwell, in his best-selling book Outliers: The Story of Success, repeatedly mentions the “10,000-Hour Rule,” stating that the key to success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours. Since 1959, my studies in the field of privacy have surpassed that figure by far.

How To Be Invisible Pdf Free Download


I recommend a legal entity that, formed correctly, can almost certainly never be traced back to you. NO RANTING OR RAVING Well, a little ranting maybe, but unlike many other authors, no raving about government corruption, black helicopters, jack-booted thugs, or the Internal Revenue Service. This book is about Life in the Real World, not a treatise about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or Common Law.


Although no book can be completely up to the minute, since laws and procedures are constantly changing, I maintain both a Web site ( www.howtobeinvisible.com) and a blog (blog.invisibleprivacy. com), to keep readers up to date. Go there for the latest information about personal and business privacy. Be sure to sign up for the news via e-mails, as well.


Most books on privacy—including the previous editions of this book—have been written specifically for Americans. The reason is that Americans are under more attacks for frivolous lawsuits, tracked by more PIs, targeted for more asset seizures by the Treasury Department, and jailed for more “Homeland Security” charges than any place else on the planet.

Nevertheless, the entire world is now changing, and not for the better. I am currently getting visitors to my Web site from more than seventy countries and territories—something I would not have imagined even two or three years ago. For that reason I have included chapter 27: “International Privacy 101.”


Each chapter provides you with basic, step-by-step information. Although I suggest you read the chapters in order, you may decide to skip some that you feel do not apply to you. However— Do not skip the next chapter. Your journey to invisibility must begin with the first step: separating your name from your home address.

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