• Book Name: Estimating, Tendering and Bidding for Construction Theory and Practice by Adrian J. Smith
  • Author: Adrian J. Smith
  • Pages: 268
  • Size: 25 MB
estimating, tendering and bidding for construction pdf free download

Estimating, Tendering and Bidding for Construction PDF

This book is about the twin processes of estimating and tendering for construction work. Unlike many other texts on the same subject it is not intended to be a compendium of estimators’ labour constants, neither does it set out to describe in minute detail the calculation of unit rates for every construction trade. Although the mechanics of the estimating and tendering process are considered, they are considered only in sufficient detail for the general principles to be understood in the context of the process as a whole. Instead, this book attempts to explore estimating and tendering as a holistic process in the wider context of construction management and construction economics.


The objectives of this book are therefore twofold: firstly to provide a text covering rather wider aspects of estimating and tendering than has normally been the case in the past, and secondly to review recent research in the light of its application to UK estimating and tendering practice. In this respect I have drawn upon research published in various parts of the world, including the UK, America, Australia and Hong Kong. The book is primarily aimed at those students who already have a basic grounding in the mechanics of estimating. It covers a wide range of subjects and I am well aware that some areas a retreated more superficially than others.


This is partly deliberate and partly imposed by pressures of space, but I have attempted to give extensive references wherever possible, in the hope that these might stimulate and assist the research of those wishing to pursue aspects of the subject to a greater depth. I hope the book might also be of interest to practitioners in the field. 

Estimating, Tendering and Bidding for Construction PDF Free Download

Most construction works are let on the basis of some form of competition, in which the quoted price for the work usually plays a large part. It is therefore obvious that, for a construction company to thrive, it must have the ability to forecast the likely cost of proposed construction work, and thus at least be able to establish a baseline figure from which a price can be quoted to the client. The twin processes of estimating and tendering are thus very important, but before considering them in detail it will be useful to look at some of the contextual factors which govern the environment in which the construction company has to operate, and in doing so gain a feel for some of the problems involved.


These factors will include the organisation of the construction industry, the nature of construction clients and the way construction work is procured, and the economic framework within which the constituent firms operate.

Estimating tendering and bidding for construction pdf free download.


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