• Book Name: Estimating Building Costs 2nd Edition by Wayne Pico
  • Author: Wayne Pico
  • Pages: 524
  • Size: 17 MB

Estimating Building Costs Pdf Free Download

Estimating has taken on a new significance in today’s competitive construction marketplace. If you consider new technology, the size in both scope and dollar amounts of today’s construction projects, and the creative delivery systems employed by today’s construction professionals, estimating is perhaps the most important function of the successful construction company. From the time a construction project is proposed, and throughout its life, the estimate provides information that is critical to its success. If you are a student of construction or pursuing a career as a construction professional, you understand the need to create, organize, format, and deliver an estimate for use in budgeting for a project, developing a plan or detailed schedule, and managing the project.

The estimate is essential to the execution of all work and for maintaining project control. The key to producing an accurate estimate lies in the organization of the information that will be used to determine the amount of material, labor, and equipment required for the project. Based on this information, the estimator can apply prices, contingencies, and then profit. The estimating process does not end here. Once the project is awarded and the work begins, the original estimate will be revisited over and over again. It will be reviewed, referred to, praised, criticized, second-guessed, and, yes, even cursed as the project progresses.

Estimating Building Costs Pdf Free Download

And in the end, it will be put to the final test of profitable or not. It is in the best interest of the construction industry that we develop competent estimators and accurate estimates. There can be no doubt that the future of the construction industry depends on the introduction of new technology and the development of information systems to accompany the urgency for accelerating the construction process. Industry professionals who have a fundamental knowledge of estimating will be better equipped to advance their careers.

Users of this book will appreciate the new chapters that cover industry advances in/for existing conditions, communications and electronic safety and security, and estimating by computer. All the chapters in Estimating Building Costs, second edition, have been rewritten by the author to reflect CSI MasterFormat 2010. The text also includes a discussion of parametric estimating, which is extremely informative and pertinent to estimating today.

Following the logical estimating sequence and organization of information outlined in this text will greatly improve an estimator’s chances of producing sound estimates. Students learning estimating will benefit from the author’s experience and advice on how to approach estimating. And, finally, no matter how you are currently doing your estimating, this text will either prove that you are doing it right or provide you with a system that will increase your accuracy and, in the end, make you more profitable.

Estimating building costs pdf free download.


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