• Book Name: Engineering Mathematics Pocket Book 4th Edition
  • Author: John Bird
  • Pages: 544
  • Size: 3 MB
engineering mathematics pocket book pdf download 4th edition by john bird

Engineering Mathematics Pocket Book 4th Edition is intended to provide students, technicians, scientists and engineers with a readily available reference to the essential engineering mathematics formulae, definitions, tables and general information needed during their studies and/or work situation – a handy book to have on the bookshelf to delve into as the need arises. In this 4th edition, the text has been redesigned to make information easier to access. Essential theory, formulae, definitions, laws and procedures are stated clearly at the beginning of each section, and then it is demonstrated how to use such information in practice.

Engineering Mathematics Pocket Book Pdf Download

The text is divided, for convenience of reference, into sixteen main chapters embracing engineering conversions, constants and symbols, some algebra topics, some number topics, areas and volumes, geometry and trigonometry, graphs, vectors, complex numbers, matrices and determinants, Boolean algebra and logic circuits, differential and integral calculus and their applications, differential equations, statistics and probability, Laplace transforms and Fourier series.

Engineering Mathematics Pocket Book Pdf Download

To aid understanding, over 500 application examples have been included, together with over 300 line diagrams. The text assumes little previous knowledge and is suitable for a wide range of courses of study. It will be particularly useful for students studying mathematics within National and Higher National Technician Certificates and Diplomas, GCSE and A levels, for Engineering Degree courses, and as a reference for those in the engineering industry.

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