• Book Name: Electrical submersible pumps manual design operations and maintenance
  • Author: Gabor Takacs
  • Pages: 584
  • Size: 12 MB
electrical submersible pumps manual pdf free download

Electrical Submersible Pumps Manual Pdf Free Download

Electrical submersible pumping (ESP) is the only kind of artificial lifting for which the original time of invention is known exactly and can be attributed to one man, Armais Arutunoff. He made his first experiments in the Baku oilfields at the Caspian Sea in the late 1910s, and was later the founder of the company “Russian Electrical Dynamo of Arutunoff” whose acronym REDA is still very well known all over the world. Arutunoff’s (who alone received about 90 patents related to submersible equipment) pioneering work started an industry that today lifts w10% of the world’s crude oil production. From their early days on, ESP units have excelled in lifting much greater liquid rates than most of the other types of artificial lift and have found their best use in high-rate onshore and offshore applications. Continuous technological development in the last almost 100 years has enormously modified the application ranges for ESP equipment.

High gas production, quickly changing liquid production rates, viscous crudes, etc., conditions once very detrimental to ESP operations, are now easily handled by present-day units. All these end up in the indispensability of ESP equipment in the petroleum industry not only today but in the foreseeable future as well. I wrote this book with the needs of a petroleum engineering graduate student in mind and with the objective of covering all aspects of up-to-date theories and practices in ESP technology. While working on the manuscript, I used parts of it in industrial short courses and I always considered the feedback from participants when improving the material. This way, I believe, the target audience of the book is even broader and includes practicing engineers as well.

Throughout the text, worked examples help readers understand basic principles as well as design and analysis procedures. This book, along with its two predecessors (Modern Sucker-Rod Pumping, PennWell, 1993 and Gas Lift Manual, PennWell, 2005), concludes my coverage of the three most important artificial lift methods: sucker-rod pumping, gas lifting, and submersible pumping. Because these are the very technologies used on the majority of artificially lifted oil wells, anyone studying these books will have readily available a complete and up-to-date knowledge base encompassing the major artificial lift technologies. I sincerely hope that readers will appreciate the advantages of a uniform approach and treatment of the different topics coming from a single author. 

Electrical Submersible Pumps Manual Pdf Free Download

My work on this project spanned several years and I started writing the book while heading the Petroleum Engineering Department of the Miskolc University, Hungary. Final chapters, however, were written in Abu Dhabi where, from August 2007 on, I assumed the position of acting Director of the Petroleum Engineering Program at The Petroleum Institute. My sincere thanks are due to the management of both institutions for their continuous support. Last but not least the everlasting patience and understanding of my wife Bea and a loving family is earnestly appreciated.

Electrical submersible pumps manual pdf free download.


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