• Book Name: Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing
  • Author: Paui Gill
  • Pages: 1102
  • Size:11 MB
electrical power equipment maintenance and testing pdf free download

Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing Pdf

When the fi rst edition of this book was published 10 years ago, it was a particularly timely addition to the Marcel Dekker series on power system engineering. The power industry was beginning to be challenged by “aging infrastructures”—areas within local and regional power grids where a good deal of equipment was quite old and in a few cases much deteriorated. Maintenance, particularly testing to determine condition and prescribe proper service and refurbishment, was receiving more attention than it had in decades. But now, more than ever, there are factors beyond just the need to evaluate old equipment that are creating a heightened focus on sound maintenance and testing throughout the electric power industry.

Equipment manufacturers have honed computer-aided design models to the point where they can shave design margins and engineer wear and deterioration rates with great precision, all to the purpose of reducing first cost, something they are forced to do in a world where much of the market buys mostly on the basis of lowest first cost. This means that comprehensive testing and “by the book” maintenance of equipment are critical earlier in the life cycle, because today’s new equipment has little margin for skipped maintenance or continued deterioration; it works well only if maintained in good condition.

In addition, new materials, designs, and testing methods mean the proper matching of testing and maintenance to specific equipment is more intricate and involved than ever. New technologies like online condition monitoring create opportunities to improve operations and efficiency. Finally, evolving concerns and standards, such as those regarding arc-fl ash, create a need for renewed focus in some areas. Electric Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing, Second Edition is a thorough update of the first edition, with revised material and additions throughout, including new discussions on arc-fl ash, online condition monitoring, uninterruptible power supply testing, motor vibration analysis, and current industry safety requirements to name just a few.

Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing Pdf Free Download

In addition, it has two new chapters that provide enhanced focus on a pair of critical areas in power system testing: testing and commissioning of protective relays and instrument transformers; and power quality and harmonics, and their effects on electrical equipment. As the editor of the Power Engineering Series, I am proud to include Electric Power and Equipment Maintenance and Testing, Second Edition among this important group of books. During the past decade, I found the first edition to be among those I most often used in my work. This second edition is as well organized and indexed as the first, so that it will make a good reference in day-to-day work, with key material easy to find and concisely presented. Yet it is written in an accessible, linear style so that it is also a good tutorial for those who are not familiar with the material.

Since these are qualities I strive for in my books, I know how difficult it is for an author to achieve them well and as a result value Paul Gill’s new book all the more. Like all the books in the Power Engineering Series, Electric Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing, Second Edition puts modern technology in a context of proven, practical application; useful as a reference book as well as for self study and advanced classroom use. The Power Engineering Series includes books covering the entire field of power engineering, in all of its specialties and subgenres, all aimed at providing practicing power engineers with the knowledge and techniques they need to meet the electric industry’s challenges in the twenty-first century.

Electrical power equipment maintenance and testing pdf free download.


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