• Book Name: Electrical Engineer’s Portable Handbook by Robert Hickey
  • Author: Robert Hickey
  • Pages: 595
  • Size: 11 MB
electrical engineer's portable handbook pdf free download

Electrical Engineer’s Portable Handbook Pdf Free Download

This second edition of the Electrical Engineer’s Portable Handbook includes a number of significant updates and a few worthy additions and enhancements. All National Electrical Code® articles, tables, data, references, and so on have been updated to the 2002 edition of the Code in Chap. 2 and elsewhere where they occur.Two major changes throughout the latest edition of the NEC are the system of nomenclature/paragraphing hierarchy and the metrification of units as primary in tables and data.

Chapter 3 contains updated motor circuit feeder schedules, a transformer primary and secondary feeder schedule, and a new table of threephase, three-wire, and four-wire plus ground feeder schedules sized to the overcurrent protection rating.These should prove to be time-saving tools. The grounding electrode system (main service grounding detail) diagram in Chap. 4 has been updated and an introductory overview of a dissipation array system (DAS) for lightning protection has been added.

This is an emerging technology application of a long-known theory that is gaining popularity in some critical installations. Telecommunications-structured cabling systems information in Chap. 8 has been completely replaced with the latest BICSI standards (including tables, diagrams, and illustrations). An introductory overview to blown optical fiber technology (BOFT) provides insight into this very interesting, cost-competitive, and extremely flexible optical fiber technology.

It is particularly amenable to renovation/retrofit applications because of its flexibility and avoids initial capitalization for installing future capacity in new construction. I hope you will find this second edition of the Electrical Engineer’s Portable Handbook a truly useful addition to your design tools library.

Electrical Engineer’s Portable Handbook Pdf Free Download

The concept of this book is that of a personal tool, which compacts 20 percent of the data that is needed 80 percent of the time by electrical design professionals in the preliminary design of buildings of all types and sizes. This tool is meant to always be at one’s fingertips (open on a drawing board, desk, or computer table; carried in a briefcase; or kept in one’s pocket). It is never meant to sit on a bookshelf. It is meant to be used everyday! Because design professionals are individualistic and their practices are so varied, the user is encouraged to individualize this book by adding notes or changing data as experience dictates.

Building codes and laws, new technologies, and materials are ever changing in this industry. Therefore, this book should be viewed as a starter of simple data collection that must be updated over time. New editions may be published in the future. Because this book is so broad in scope, yet so compact, information can be presented in only one location, and not repeated. It is expected that the experienced practitioner is generally knowledgeable about the data and knows how to apply it properly. Information is often presented in the form of simple ratios, coefficients, application tips, or rules of thumb that leave the need for commonsense judgment.

This book is unique among handbooks. It provides myriad valuable time-saving data for the experienced practitioner, yet there are enough concept explanations and examples on critical topics to use it as a teaching tool for the fledgling electrical design professional.Also, the topics of Chapters 3 through 7, in particular, are arranged in a sequence that closely approximates the normal design process flow to facilitate speed for the experienced practitioner and learning for the beginner.

The Index has been expanded to facilitate quickly locating needed information. This book is not a substitute for professional expertise or other books of a more detailed and specialized nature, but will be a continuing everyday aid that takes the more useful “cream” off the top of other sources.

Electrical engineer’s portable handbook pdf free download.


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