• Book Name: Electric Motors and Control Systems by Frank Petruzella
  • Author: Frank Petruzella
  • Pages: 298
  • Size: 45 MB
electric motors and control systems pdf free download

Electric Motors and Control Systems PDF Free Download

This book has been written for a course of study that will introduce the reader to a broad range of motor types and control systems. It provides an overview of electric motor operation, selection, installation, control, and maintenance. Every effort has been made in this first edition text to present the most up-to-date information, reflecting the current needs of the industry. The broad-based approach taken makes this text viable for a variety of motor and control system courses.

Content is suitable for colleges, technical institutions, and vocational/technical schools as well as apprenticeship and journeymen training. Electrical apprentices and journeymen will find this book to be invaluable because of National Electrical Code references as well as information on maintenance and troubleshooting techniques. Personnel involved in motor maintenance and repair will find the book to be a useful reference text. The text is comprehensive! It includes coverage of how motors operate in conjunction with their associated control circuitry. Both older and newer motor technologies are examined.

Topics covered range from motor types and controls to installing and maintaining conventional controllers, electronic motor drives, and programmable logic controllers. Features you will find unique to this motors and controls text include: Self-Contained Chapters. Each chapter constitutes a complete and independent unit of study. All chapters are divided into parts designed to serve as individual lessons. Instructors can easily pick and choose chapters or parts of chapters that meet their particular curriculum needs. How Circuits Operate. When understanding the operation of a circuit is called for, a bulleted list is used to summarize its operation.

Electric Motors and Control Systems PDF Free Download

The lists are used in place of paragraphs and are especially helpful for explaining the sequenced steps of a motor control operation. Integration of Diagrams and Photos. When the operation of a piece of equipment is illustrated by means of a diagram, a photo of the device is included. This feature is designed to increase the level of recognition of devices associated with motor and control systems.

Troubleshooting is an important element of any motors and controls course. The chapter troubleshooting scenarios are designed to help students with the aid of the instructor to develop a systematic approach to troubleshooting. Discussion and Critical Thinking Questions. These open-ended questions are designed to give students an opportunity to reflect on the material covered in the chapter. In most cases, they allow for a wide range of responses and provide an opportunity for the student to share more than just facts.

This manual contains quizzes, practical assignments, and computer-generated simulated circuit analysis assignments. Quizzes made up of multiple choice, true/false, and completion-type questions are provided for each part of each chapter. These serve as an excellent review of the material presented. Practical assignments are designed to give the student an opportunity to apply the information covered in the text in a hands-on motor installation. The Constructor motor control simulation software CD is included as part of the manual.

This special edition of the program contains some 45 preconstructed simulated motor control circuits. The Constructor analysis assignments provide students with the opportunity to test and troubleshoot the motor control circuits discussed in the text. The Constructor simulation engine visually displays power flow to each component and using animation and sound effects, each component will react accordingly once power is supplied

Electric motors and control systems pdf free download.


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