• Book Name:Digital Marketing All in One for Dummies by Stephanie Diamond
  • Author: Stephanie Diamond
  • Pages: 819
  • Size: 67 MB
digital marketing for dummies by stephanie diamond pdf

Digital Marketing for Dummies by Stephanie Diamond PDF

About This Book To make sure you have all the information you need, this book includes 9 books that cover the following major topics:

» Book 1: Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Examine your overall goals and determine the strategy that will help you reach them.

» Book 2: Uncovering the Customer Experience: Look at the impact that the right customer experience can have on converting prospects to loyal customers.

» Book 3: Dipping into Content Creation: Great content gives you a competitive advantage, so you look at the keys to making your brand memorable.

» Book 4: Reaching Your Millennial Audience: Millennials now make up the largest block of consumers. Find out what they want and how to deliver it in a way that gets their attention.

» Book 5: Implementing Channel Promotions: See what type of promotions suits your audience and how to use search and email marketing to reach them.

» Book 6: Connecting with Influencers: Working with influencers is gaining in popularity as digital marketers find that it’s a fast way to break through the noise. See what you need to do to work with the right influencers.

» Book 7: Facebook Marketing: You can’t ignore Facebook. See how you can use its marketing capabilities to the fullest.

» Book 8: Deploying Other Social Media: Find out which other social platforms your audience uses. Is it Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube? See what you need to do to find and engage.

» Book 9: Analyzing Data for Success: The right data makes the difference between a good campaign and a failure. See what metrics you should be tracking.

Digital marketing for dummies by stephanie diamond pdf.


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