• Book Name: Differential Equations Demystified by S. Krantz
  • Author: S. Krantz
  • Pages: 336
  • Size: 5 MB
differential equations demystified pdf free download

Differential Equations Demystified Pdf Free Download

If calculus is the heart of modern science, then differential equations are its guts. All physical laws, from the motion of a vibrating string to the orbits of the planets to Einstein’s field equations, are expressed in terms of differential equations. Classically, ordinary differential equations described one-dimensional phenomena and partial differential equations described higher-dimensional phenomena. But, with the modern advent of dynamical systems theory, ordinary differential equations are now playing a role in the scientific analysis of phenomena in all dimensions.

Virtually every sophomore science student will take a course in introductory ordinary differential equations. Such a course is often fleshed out with a brief look at the Laplace transform, Fourier series, and boundary value problems for the Laplacian. Thus the student gets to see a little advanced material, and some higher-dimensional ideas, as well. As indicated in the first paragraph, differential equations is a lovely venue for mathematical modeling and the applications of mathematical thinking. Truly meaningful and profound ideas from physics, engineering, aeronautics, statics, mechanics, and other parts of physical science are beautifully illustrated with differential equations.

Differential Equations Demystified Pdf Free Download

We propose to write a text on ordinary differential equations that will be meaningful, accessible, and engaging for a student with a basic grounding in calculus (for example, the student who has studied Calculus Demystified by this author will be more than ready for Differential Equations Demystified). There will be many applications, many graphics, a plethora of worked examples, and hundreds of stimulating exercises. The student who completes this book will be ready to go on to advanced analytical work in applied mathematics, engineering, and other fields of mathematical science. It will be a powerful and useful learning tool.

Differential equations demystified pdf free download.

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